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Welcome To The Tomb!

My last name is Toombs (get it?) and I create weird artwork sometimes. I think it would be really dope to see my friends walking around in my artwork, hence this website!

If you like my designs, feel free to get something. If not, I hope you still have a nice look around and enjoy!

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To The Tomb is a [maybe] temporary name for my brand. I'm a regular broke college kid who creates artwork in my free time because it's something I love to do, art is therapy. My designs range from lighthearted fantasy creatures, to fan art, to darker, more meaningful pieces.

As for the name of my brand, I initially wanted "THT Designs" to stand for my initials, but that was (surprisingly) taken. I then used "The Nightmare", but I wasn't crazy about it. We eventually moved on to "Till Death Do Us Part", fitting for my logo and first design which I love very much, but that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. "Till Death Designs" seemed promising, but unfortunately is taken. Alas, after much searching and thinking, I thought about "To The Tomb", a play on my last name Toombs, and also a different way of saying "til death". Finally, after a lifetime of bad jokes about my last name, I can finally get in on the bad joke action. It also seems pretty fitting cause mummies were put in the tomb with really cool shit, and this website is gonna be filled with some pretty cool shit too.

I first got the idea to turn my art into clothing designs when my dad told me to edit the drawing of a mermaid that I made because my stepmom wanted to put it on a shirt. Not long after that, one of my close friends asked me to design a logo for her dance team. After that I started really thinking about turning some of my artwork into designs that more people could relate to and would want to wear. I want people to feel good in my stuff, whether it's because they think it looks cool or because they can relate to the content, so here we are.

Whatever the case may be, I hope you see something that you like enough to want to own it or at the very least, support ya girl :) 

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